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We are once again having the Family Fun Day  (FFD) Challenge! 

If you raise at least $150 by the June Support Group meeting, which is on June 1st, you will receive:

-10 free entries to FFD!

-Your name on our "FFD Challenge Participant Sign" at the event  

-Your name in the FFD brochure


Some of you have already begun and have set up Gofundme pages! Thank you for doing this! Social media has been very successful in raising funds quickly for so many causes.  Last year  one of our Youth Ambassadors raised over $2000 on his GoFundMe page. If you are comfortable in setting one up, it is a wonderful way to support Tourette Awareness and to raise funds specifically for our 2018 Family Fun Day Event.   

If you are not comfortable raising money on gofundme, any fundraisers are great. 

We’ve had:

Lemonade sales

Bake sales

Candle sales

Anything you can think of will be terrific!

Remember that FFD is the only major fund-raiser that Long Island Tourette Association does each year. Money raised support all that we do including (but not limited to): Support Groups (rooms and Leaders in the kids' and teen rooms); socials; educational conferences and programs; supporting YAs going to DC; educational materials distributed to physicians, schools and families; guest speakers; and supporting the Long Island Tourette Center.


Your participation in this Challenge will be extremely appreciated and extremely helpful!  


Anyone, can participate so if you have any friends or family who would like to participate, please forward this and please include them!

Please let us know if you have any questions! Thank you for your support and taking on our FFD challenge !

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