On March 5th, Youth Ambassadors and members of LITA shared personal stories with representatives in Washington, D.C., during the Association’s National Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill and advocated for public policies and services for people affected by Tourette Syndrome and tic disorders.


Newly selected Youth Ambassadors completed a comprehensive training, led by our very own Jane Zwilling, Psy.D and Jen Zwilling, founder or the Youth Ambassador program, to learn how to speak publicly about the often misunderstood disorder and take part in congressional meetings during the Association’s National Advocacy Day. In addition, they will help educate their peers and local community on how to promote understanding and social acceptance of TS and its symptoms through presentations at schools, clubs and community centers.


Jane Zwilling, Psy.D. and Jen Zwilling training the new Youth Ambassadors

The new YA's of Long Island

The Tourette Association launched the Youth Ambassador program in April 2008; it has grown to nearly 400 dedicated teens who have completed more than 1,000 activities including presentations, print and TV media interviews, and training other Youth Ambassadors to reach more than 5.5 million people through their combined efforts.


Youth Ambassadors and members of LITA visit Sen. Charles Schumer's office


At Sen. Schumer's office


YAs at Sen. Gillibrand's office


YAs meet with Rep. Thomas R. Suozzi's chief of staff, Diane Shust


YAs at Rep. Lee M. Zeldin's office

Congratulations to new YAs:

Pierce, Aiden, Sam R, Kacy and Courtney 

LI TA welcomes our newly trained 2019 YAs! 

They did an incredible job at the training and on the Hill!


And a huge thank you to- 

YAs Steven, Victoria, Rebecca and Sam G who assisted in training the new YAs in Washington DC.

Finally, many thanks to Jane Zwilling, Jen Zwilling, Kate Callan, and YAs Steven, Victoria, Rebecca, Sam G, Blaise, Aiden, Courtney, Kacy, Pierce and Sam R. and their parents for doing an incredible job advocating on Capitol Hill!

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