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Here's some great ideas that others have used in the past to raise awareness and funds for LI TA during Awareness month and our our FFD Challenge

  • Baby Sit: Baby sit during  a community event and donate your earnings to LI TA

  • Bake Sales 

  • Balloon Day: Students sell a LI TA balloon for $2 with a message attached. Orders are in advance and then students will deliver the balloon messages on a later date.

  • Bingo: host a Bingo night!

  • Birthday Party with a purpose: Individuals have a birthday party and in lieu of gifts, donate to LI TA!

  • Block party: Have fun with your neighbors while raising money! BBQ, face painting, music, etc

  • Brown Bag Lunch Day: everyone brings their own lunch in for a day and donates what they would have spent if they bought lunch.

  • Candle Sales

  • Car Washes

  • Challenges: Challenge someone to raise more money than you.

  • Concession Stands: Set up a concession stand at a local community event.

  • Craft Fairs: Set up a craft table at a town fair or festival.

  • Dances for  a Cure: Students can host a school dance or adults can put together an event at a club or hall – charge admission fee.

  • Dog Walkers: Offer to walk neighborhood dogs for a donation.

  • Dog Sit: offer to watch neighborhood dogs while their owners go on vacation (save them from going to a kennel!)

  • Fast Food Restaurants: Ask local restaurants if they will have a Tourette’s Awareness day where a percentage of the day’s earnings go towards LI TA.

  • Flamingo Alert: Place a pink flamingo in someone’s yard – it will fly away once a donation is made to LI TA. Maybe set an amount that people can donate so that they can choose where the Flamingo goes to next! Or set a price that people can donate as “flamingo repellent.”

  • Game Night: Everyone comes to your house (or other location) with board games. Charge an entrance fee.

  • Garage Sales                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

  • Gofundme page: Set up a page! 

  • Jewelry Sales: Organize an event where people sell jewelry they don’t wear anymore. Proceeds go to LI TA.

  • Lawn Service: Mow neighbors lawn and donate the proceeds to LI TA.

  • Matching Gifts: Ask your company to match what you raise.

  • Movie Night: Invite your friends to watch a movie – you provide refreshments and popcorn, they pay an entrance fee.

  • Odd Jobs: Fixing gutters, shoveling snow, raking leaves, painting fences, weeding gardens, etc

  • Pizza Sales: Work with a local pizza shop to give you a percentage of the pizzas you sell. Take orders and deliver them.

  • Shave your head: Have someone agree to shave their head once an agreed amount of money has been raised.

  • Skunk Them: Similar to the Flamingo idea – put a stuffed animal of a skunk on a co-workers desk and have them pay a donation to be de-skunked.

  • Spaghetti Dinner

  • Sports Tournament: Organize a soccer, basketball, volleyball (etc) tournament.

  • Student/Faculty Basketball Game: Set up a basketball ball game (or any other type of sporting event) between students and faculty. Or put together an alumni game.

  • Voicemail: Change your voicemail outgoing message to a fact about Tourette’s Syndrome and why you are raising funds for LI TA.

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