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LI TAA Youth Mentor Program:


The LI TAA Mentor program matches Mentors to Mentees to provide support, mentoring, companionship, and one-to-one friendship. Mentors are LI TAA Youth Ambassadors who serve as role models to Mentees (younger children).


Mentors will commit to meeting with their Mentees at least once a month over the course of a year. Serving in the role of a Mentor provides the opportunity to develop leadership skills and to share self-advocacy skills. Until further notice, all meetings will be Zoom or FaceTime.


Mentors-If your school requires community service, this program may qualify.


Mentors will also be involved in running activities and volunteering at events. Mentor Program group activities and events will be offered, so that Mentors and Mentees will also be part of a Community, in addition to having their 1:1 interaction.


Matching: Mentees (age 5-11) and Mentors (age 12-18) will be matched based on interests, gender, geographic location, and other stated preferences. Contact information will be given to the parent of the Mentee who will then schedule the meetings, which must be supervised by the parent of the Mentee.


It is the responsibility of the parent of the Mentee to guide the Mentor to work specifically with his/her child, to supervise the meet ups and to make it an enjoyable and successful experience for both children. 

The Mentor and parent will attend an initial training meeting with Dr. Zwilling and will sign a form indicating they understand the requirements, responsibilities, and time commitment of the program. 


For more information about The Mentor Program, contact us at

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