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Youth Ambassador Program

  The Youth Ambassador Program is a highly successful national level program designed by the Long Island Chapter's very own Jennifer Zwilling. Once a year a new group of teens, with or without Tourette, who have applied and have been accepted into the program from all over the country meet in Washington D.C. where they are formally trained by Ms. Zwilling. As part of the training in DC, Youth Ambassador trainees also participate in a visit to the Hill where they lobby senators and congressmen to promote awareness about Tourette and to obtain educational and research funding. Back in their home states, Youth Ambassadors go into classrooms to speak with classmates of children with Tourette, and do presentations on what it means to have Tourette. They engender a new sensitivity, awareness and tolerance that enrich and greatly improve the classroom experience for the child with Tourette and his/her classmates. Informational materials are given to every student that is in a classroom visited by a Youth Ambassador.

  If you would like a Youth Ambassador to present at your child's school please contact us. 

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