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  • 9/8/2023

  • 10/6/2023

  • 11/3/2023

  • 12/1/2023 - Holiday Party

  • 1/5/2024

  • 2/2/2024

  • 3/1/2024

  • 4/5/2024

  • 5/3/2024

  • 6/7/2024 last support group of the school year

7:30 - 9:00PM
DeMatteis Center
101 Northern Blvd.
Greenvale, NY 11548
We have three separate support groups  running simultaneously: one for children (siblings, cousins, friends are welcome), one for teens, and one for  parents/adults. All groups are moderated.
The children and teens really enjoy coming to the Group and we hear they always remind their parents to come every month! The parents all feel that they receive much needed information and support.
As usual, siblings of TS kids are invited. 
And as always, our teen Buddies will be available to the children.
For the safety of all of our children and to honor the building we use, it is important for all children in the Youth meeting to be picked up as soon as the meeting is over. 
~No children should be unsupervised~
Thank you!!
Please stay in touch! We are here for you!!!
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