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The Buddy Program is an excellent way for high school students to volunteer for a great cause. As Buddies, these teens have the opportunity to mentor kids with Tourette by attending the Chapter’s Support group meetings on the first Friday of each month and helping out in the kids room; additionally, the Buddies have the opportunity to reach out to their young Buddies during the month, be involved in all chapter events, and assist in fundraising.


The first group of Long Island Tourette Association Buddies was a group of Jericho High School students. These students began their volunteerism for Long Island Tourette Association in middle school, when they were trained by National Youth Ambassador Jennifer Zwilling and participated in the training video for the Youth Ambassador Program. Later, as high school students, they participated in a “refresher course” presented by Jennifer and Eric Zwilling and became very involved in volunteering with the Long Island Chapter.

If you are interested in becoming a Buddy, just like theses amazing young people who have given back to their community and gained so much more in return, please contact us.

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